26 April, 2009

Transparent Racing

Bringing Mountain Bike and Cyclocross into the 21st Century

One of my recent projects has been starting a professional mountain bike and cyclocross race team, called Transparent Racing (check out our blog at http://transparentracing.blogspot.com). My original plan was to have this team start for the cyclocross season (winter) of 2009, but after finding out that the team I thought I was going to race for, Team DEVO, was not happening this year, I decided to bump it up and race for my newly created team. My friend, Kat Statman, is also joining the team this summer, and we have two female racers who will be joining us for cyclocross season (whose names I am not at liberty to mention because they have current racing commitments).

This past weekend, April 18-19th, was our first race of the season as Transparent Racing and we raced the 2009 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA. Both of us finished both the short track cross country and the cross country, but neither of us had stellar results. The cross country race on Sunday was brutally hot, but we both finished (unlike 25% of the other Pro starters). Here are our thoughts post-race (and some team pictures).

Team Transparent Racing


24 April, 2009


As it moves from Spring to Summer here in the US, I realize that many people are wishing that it was still ski/snowboard season. Well, it can be!
During my time in Argentina, I met (via email) David Owen, the founder of PowderQuest. PowderQuest is THE tour company for skiing and snowboarding trips in Chile, Argentina, and Canada. David started PowderQuest a bit over 10 years ago and is offering ski trips in Argentina and Chile THIS SUMMER (it's winter in South America). David and his guides lead trips of up to 8 people either backcountry or on-resort and you get to ski some of the best snow in the world.

When I spoke to him about blogging about his ski trips, he mentioned that he would provide a special deal for people who register for a trip by the end of April (you only have a week) of $300 OFF! I admit, if I weren't hoping to make the World Championships team this year, I'd be down there for sure. Guess I'll have to go next year...
So, check out PowderQuest.com (or find them on Facebook) and sign up for a ski trip. Just make sure you mention me and/or this blog to get the awesome deal!!!!!