11 February, 2008


Vixy.net is a cool website that lets you convert FLV (flash) videos (for example, YouTube videos), to AVI, MOV, MP4, or 3GP formats, and then download the converted movie. This is very useful for getting videos in a format that can be easily played on your computer (ie. MOV files can be played by Quicktime) or for getting a video in an acceptable format for upload by video upload sites.
I recently used Vixy.net to convert a YouTube video that I had uploaded to MOV format so that I could upload it to another website to enter a contest to win free Oakley products. It worked quite well, and I highly recommend it.
Here's how to use Vixy.net:
1. Enter the URL of the video you wish to convert
2. Choose the output format of the video
3. Click "Start"
4. When Vixy.net has finished converting your video, it should automatically ask you what you if you want to open the file, or save it. If it doesn't ask you, click on the "download video" link
5. Click "save" and choose where to save it

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