28 November, 2008


There are a few good excuses for not posting on your blog for as long as I have: extended hospital stay with no use of your hands (and no friends to type for you), extended hospital stay with no internet (I probably wouldn’t believe you), travel to a foreign country with no internet access (hard to find nowadays), and (the only real excuse) death.
While much less life-threatening and impressive, my excuses are, at the very least, true. The first, and possibly most valid, is that I was overcome by a computer science major’s version of writer’s block. I began to worry that my writing was not worth reading and that I was wasting my time by blogging. I eventually realized that this was absurd. First of all, my blog is not especially well frequented, and secondly, the people who do read my blog probably don’t care as much about how readable it is as they do about knowing what it is that I’m up to and that I’m not in jail or dead.
My second reason is that I found my bookmarked links to Photoshop tutorials. Of course, this caused me to drop everything (aside from the basic necessities of eating, sleeping, and riding my bike) and spend countless hours on the computer learning to do things like make a snail look like
it is crawling out of its picture frame (see first picture), light letters on fire (see second picture), or make miniature planets (I have yet to accomplish this).
Last but not least, I changed my keyboard from QWERTY to Dvorak. This probably means very little to most of you, but it has had quite an effect on me. Although by no means a record-breaking typist, I was at least comfortable and relatively fast on a QWERTY keyboard (the normal one – look at the upper left row of keys). I have now reverted to a typing speed slower than the one I had achieved in my 4th grade typing class in New Orleans. “Why would you do that?” you ask, well, that is a different story, but let me suffice it to say that it was the promise of incredible feats of typing that drove me to act in such a brash manner.
As I have finally regained a very small percentage of my previous typing speed, I no longer have any excuse not to be posting regularly (or as regularly as I ever do). I also have quite a bit of updating to do, so look for numerous posts in the near future!

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Emmons said...


*takes a deep breath*

Hi Macky! Seeing that you had added my blog allowed me to find your blog, which makes me really happy! I miss you! We haven't really talked since the end of the year, and I am sure that very much has happened to us since then, and we should communicate more thoroughly sometime! (can you tell I'm excited to find you with all these exclamation points?) I hope you are doing fantastically, my wonderful friend and look forward to reading your adventures!



PS: Give your lovely girlfriend a hug and a hello for me, please. Does she have a blog, too?