02 December, 2008

Squirt Lube: The Lube of Legends

“I could hear you all the way around the course your chain was so squeaky!” joked Larry Grossman (the SQUIRT Guy) after this year’s Eldora Escape STXC race. He was right. For some reason, no matter how much Pedro’s Ice Wax I used, I could not silence my drivetrain. But that was about to change...
When I started using SQUIRT Lube, I immediately knew it was the lube for me. It was wax-based, like Pedro’s Ice Wax, but had a consistency similar to that of oil-based lubricants. It went on easily and once it had dried (in a matter of minutes) the resulting wax film left my drivetrain quieter than I had ever heard it. I was hooked.
Since then, I have used SQUIRT in a variety of conditions and like it more and more every day. I’ve used it for stream crossings (during the Breckenridge Fall Classic XC race), in muddy races (like the Copa Suzuki by Scott), and countless times in dry, dusty conditions, and it has worked wonders in every type of riding condition! The only time I hear any squeaking is when I wait too long to re-lube it (I re-lube approx. every 7-10 riding hours). And re-lubing it is a breeze; you don’t even have to clean your chain, you just add more SQUIRT Lube over the existing lube.
I’ve also used SQUIRT as a componentry lubricant and it has continued to impress me. A few weeks ago, I found that my Crank Brothers quick release levers where sticking and noisy. I simply dropped a little SQUIRT into the moving parts and let it dry and haven’t had any issues since. My levers are now perfectly smooth (and silent)! My next experiment will be to use SQUIRT as a cable lubricant to see if it is as effective at this as it has been at everything else.
There is one riding condition I have yet to test SQUIRT Lube in: snow. (Not at all) sadly, I will not be able to test it in snow for another year or so because after experiencing this southern hemisphere summer I will be heading back to the US where I’ll get another northern hemisphere summer...I’m sure it will not disappoint.
Ps. If you're lucky you might find the limited edition PINK SQUIRT lube!

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