13 February, 2009

Lots of projects

I love having projects. That's why I haven't been posting at all recently. Currently, I am working on two big projects that I can't give too many details on (because I don't want anyone stealing one of them, and because neither is going to come to fruition for a while). But I will say that both are bike-related (as are most things in my life) and I am very invested in and excited about both. So I'm happily project-ing away and am feeling better because I have been training a bunch and still been able to work on my projects. My days still start late, because I go to bed late, but during the day I am able to work on my projects, ride my bike, and hang out with Victoria.
On the subject of my projects, I have started using some programs that I hadn't, and using others in different ways than I normally do, to help me with my projects. For example, I recently started a blog for each project (which I then set to "private" so that I'm the only one who can see them), and have been using them to organize my thoughts and keep notes. I initially did this so that after my first project goes live anyone who is interested in the process I followed can read about it, but it has since turned into a great way for me to organize my thoughts and jot down notes.
I have also started using Campfirenow.com as it is a great way to collaborate with other people. Since I am working with Kat on the other projects, it helps for us to have a place to go to chat that we can then refer back to because calls don't always work (and it is hard to keep a fully-searchable record of your telephone conversation).
I have also started using Google Docs. It is an easy way to upload documents and share them with other people and allow everyone to edit them, instead of emailing them as an attachment, and receiving a new version every time someone changes anything.
In other news, I recently got a cold and haven't ridden for the past 3 days. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can get back on my bike because starting this Friday I will be racing the Tour de la Patagonia which will be my first mountain bike stage race. I'm really looking forward to it and hope that I will be feeling good again.
And finally, it sounds like my family (well, Boden, AC, and my parents at least) will be coming to visit us, along with Victoria's sister, in a few weeks. We will be meeting them in southern Argentina and will be spending some time in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine which should be really cool and beautiful. I just have to figure out how to work my training around it...
ps. Still no news on whether or not I'm going to Continental Championships, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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