28 February, 2009

Revisiting my goals

I figured that almost 3 months into 2009 would be a good time to revisit my goals to see how I've been doing.

1. (Goal) Make the US U23 (Under 23) Team for the 2009 Mountain Bike World Championships to be held in Canberra, Australia.
(Revisited) I would love to say I already know that I'm going to the 2009 World Championships, but I won't know until late August or so...UNKNOWN

2. (Goal) Make the US Team for, and WIN, the 2009 U23 Continental Championships to be held in Santiago, Chile.
(Revisited) Well, I found out a few days ago that I did make the 2009 Continental Championships Team (see story)! So that is awesome news!!!! But, because the race isn't until March 22nd, I won't know about the rest of this goal until then. 1/2 PASS

3. (Goal) Improve my endurance so that I can ride hard for the entire race and finish strong.
(Revisited) Well, I would hope that my recent 4-6 hour rides have been improving my endurance and I sure felt good during the Tour de la Patagonia. So I'm going to assume that I've been somewhat successful on this front. PASS

4. (Goal) When racing, start strong, but not too strong.
(Revisited) I didn't do this very well at the Conquista Volcan Osorno race (which I have yet to blog about), but I did it well at the Tour de la Patagonia, mostly because I didn't want to leave my race partner. SOMEWHAT PASSING

5. (Goal) Get enough sleep.
(Revisited) I have been successful at this every night except the night before the Tour de la Patagonia. PASS

6. (Goal) Stretch every day.
(Revisited) PASS

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