11 January, 2009

Questions (with a desire for feedback)

I recently wrote a post on TwoWheelTales.com asking for feedback from readers on why they think that road bike racing is so much more popular than mountain bike racing among the general public. Instead of rewriting that post here, I would love of you would head over to my article and leave me a comment there.


Kat said...

easier to leave a comment here. I think the biggest problem is the lack of access to major events, where people can come see us race, like in Europe, the Houffalize world cup is in the city of Houffalize, so if we could pull off things like that, then - looking kind of good for next year with Colorado Springs having an event, but the ski resort events are probably not the best idea, unfortunately because they are fun!

Jason Hilimire said...

Takes no skills on the road....those that just want to 'ride' can jump and go. Mt. biking is tough, especially when a very unskilled rider tries to ride with a skilled rider. Even though they may have fitness; they'll have issues and may get frustrated and just stick to the road.

McConnell said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! Please point other people in the direction of this post as well (or the one on TwoWheelTales) so I can get some more responses.