16 January, 2009

Two Whole Years

That's how long Victoria and I have been dating, as of today, January 15th, 2009. That's a really long time. I'd say it has all been a piece of cake, but that would be a lie. It hasn't all been easy, but the fact that we've worked through the hard parts just speaks to the fact that we really care about one another (at least I think so).

It was an interesting day to be a 2 year anniversary. First of all, I had a 5 hour ride. With 4 20-minute steady state intervals. Unfortunately, they weren't real steady (I'm planning to blog about that tomorrow on TwoWheelTales.com). So I was gone for a good chunk of the day. Unfortunately.
But before I left for my ride, my wonderful Victoria gave me "Tuskan". That's what I named him (because of the tusks). I have been wanting a stuffed friend for a while because she has "Pinkbunny" (yes, all one word) and I was hoping to get one when I was down here because then it would have a story behind it... So here is a picture of Tuskan and Pinkbunny, who are now best friends (we already caught them trying to steal food from the fridge together):
When I finally got back from my ride, I was exhausted and found no Victoria, but instead an amazing breakfast sandwich waiting for me. It was delicious. When Victoria did get back (from her ride), I sat and wasted some time on the internet while Victoria took a nap (apparently she was tired). Then we went out and bought some groceries and made some delicious sweet and sour chicken for dinner. If you want the recipe, here it is (note that we substituted flour for cornstarch because we couldn't find cornstarch): http://is.gd/2P8V And here's a picture of how it turned out:
So there's a brief update of what is going on. It wasn't a real romantic 2 year anniversary, but it was fun. And as I always promise: I'll try to blog more regularly.
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that my friend Kat (see his blog) asked me to be his best man! I've never been a best man before. Wow, that's cool...


Taylor said...

Congrats to you both on your anniversary! I can't believe how time flies and how much has happened for everyone in 2 years. I remember Victoria's early stories when she'd call me when you first started dating. Aww.

Kat said...

happy anniversary Macky and Victoria! Sounds like a pretty good anniversary to me, all that is really necessary is that you get to have a nice day and you remember how much you appreciate one another and still love one another.